'suicide prevention app' trial


An nhs mental health consider is operating with us researchers to broaden an app which can forestall people from killing themselves.

Liverpool-based totally merseycare and stanford college had been in talks on how the generation could work.

The purpose is to have the prototype equipped through june with the primary patients being monitored in january.

There have been 6,122 suicides inside the united kingdom in 2014 - a 2% decrease at the year earlier than.

Social media monitoring

The app would allow clinicians to offer spherical-the-clock observations on people who they fear can be thinking about suicide.

It might work by way of monitoring all virtual communications by a patient - emails, social media, even cellphone calls - and notice potential risks.

3 quarters of suicides are in men.


If as an example a person became tracked as being at a well-known suicide hotspot, or missed an appointment, or even instructed a pal they have been feeling suicidal, the app would alert clinicians who would then be capable of contact the man or woman and offer appropriate assist.

All patients would must voluntarily publish to being monitored.

Dr david fearnley, medical director at merseycare, said: "the capacity is excellent."

He added: "we assume we can anticipate folks that may be probably to damage themselves with extra accuracy than we presently do, and consequently be capable of do something about it and shop their lives."

Closing yr, merseycare dedicated itself to a 0 suicide coverage by using 2020, that means they wish to stop all suicides of provider users.

The initiative requires a brand new approach throughout the consider, from group of workers schooling to more affected person involvement.

The improvement of the app is part of that system, and is primarily based on a notion that humans are frequently extra open with their pals and family than they're with clinicians.

"this is an opportunity to make the most era in a manner we have never been capable of before in fitness, by means of providing very effective, decision-making, statistical guide to clinicians in real time for the folks who are maximum at chance," delivered dr fearnley.

The development of the app builds on paintings that 5 nhs trusts and us hospitals are already engaged in.

Their collaboration has created technology this is already scanning all of the records being inputted within the trusts, digitising and analysing it and telling medics - within hours - wherein chance signs, along with falls or medicinal drug issues, are emerging.

Merseycare and stanford are aiming for sufferers to start using the app in january 2017; its fulfillment will then be evaluated with the aid of outside specialists over the subsequent 3 years.


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